Friday, October 14, 2011

Bigg Boss 5, oct 13 2011, Day 11, Episode 12

Today's episode was interesting to say the least with 2 main storylines

1- Amar and Juhi get in a fight:
This fight was the most ridiculous thing I have seen but also helped the viewer learn SO MUCH about these contestants and who they really are as people.  The whole argument starts because Amar nominates himself and Mandy to be house captains, even though he took everyone's opinion and decided that he would nominate (head-bitch-in-charge) Pooja bedi and another girl under Pooja's thumb for the role.  He does what he does, doesn't nominate any of them and this pisses the girls off. 

So Bedi decided to of course, take in upon herself give him a hard time about this.  Amar campaigns and says the women need a male leader (very weird argument!) and this escalates into him and Juhi going at it, calling eachother names, and yelling at each other.  They both basically end up demonstrating that neither of them has any class and are both at the same 5th grade level of maturity.  Juhi cries and gets even more annoying to the viewer.  I wish these women would not start the water works at the drop of a hat... you are embarassing yourselves.

2- Mehak confronts Shonali and Juhi: In the meantime, Mehak is harboring feelings of anger towards Shonali because she thinks Shonali does not have a mind of her own (umm.. duh!) and flip flops along with the tide of the house.  Basically, Mehak likes to state the obvious. Repeatedly. 
Mehak also thinks that juhi hasn't been talking to her properly since her fight with Amar because Mehak did not give Juhi a shoulder to cry on.  Again, we are back in 5th grade territory.

On a side note, as much as I love Raageshwari, and it pains me to say this - does this girl ever talk!?  Is she so afraid to get caught in the crossfire that she is just keeping her mouth shut and cleaning the bathroom all day long?  Kind of disappointed in her... come on girl, grow a pair and tell us what you think before we start doing the thinking for you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 9, Episode 10

Today's episode opened with Shakti and Shraddha out in the garden area talking about her relationship with Raja Chaudhary (a past Bigg Boss contestant and overall a douchebag)... She claims that he lied to her about being divorced and she claims that she doesn't watch enough tv to know what's going on.  Basically she admits that she is too stupid to turn on the damn tv and to learn that her boyfriend is lying to her constantly.  I don't know about this girl, she is either really stupid or plays dumb really well. She's annoying.   This scene is followed by a weird prayer to the sun God and Shraddha again proves that she has a limited number of gray cells.

The poor girl Pooja Mishra is up chatting with Amar about how everyone is ganging up against her, and the fact is that everyone truly is ganging up against her.  Don't get me wrong, the girl has very few redeeming qualities but geez, really ladies??  cut to the next scene where Pooja Bedi is again rallying against her and the entire episode she primary spend all her time organizing and orchestrating a plan for all the other housemates to make Pooja Mishra's life hell... Bedi is succeeding at this but it is really unclear to me why she has taken it upon herself to ostracize Mishra.  Both the Pooja's have a chip on their shoulder.

Poor Mandeep gets caught in the crossfire for 'supporting' Mishra.  All Mandeep is doing is being a decent human being and lending a listening ear and Bedi needs to back the hell off... seriously.  it's getting annoying. Anyway, because Mandeep is being human, she also gets nominated to be eliminated. 

At nominations, very predicatbly, everyone votes for Mishra (the girl's face is priceless when this is announced).  Gulabo and Mandeep are also nominated but Shakti has the power to save one of the three nominees and saves Mandeep.  good job, Shakti!  I woul've done the same thing!

Saving Mishra would make him unpopular and saving Gulabo would be a waste of the power because we all know she's the one going home this week - she's accomplished great things for women from her village but has the personality of a cauliflower and that doesn't help on a dirty reality show.

Amar continues to stir up shit, Mishra does a weird dance with Gulabo in one of Gulabo's outfits and tries SO hard it's embarasing to watch!

Tomorrow looks like an interesting day .. Shakti seems to be on to these women and will continue to call the shots in this house.

what did you guys think??